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Chan Kun Kee, a renowned establishment for over 40 years, was opened in 1982 in Shatin, Hong Kong.

The name “Chan Kun Kee” was chosen because the dai pai dong was originally opened by someone with the surname “Chan” However, just six months later, the current owner, Mr. Chow Heng, took over and primarily focused on serving Cantonese noodles and small dishes. Little did they know that business would flourish, growing from a single stove and a few tables in the early days to now having twelve stoves and ninety tables. Since the adjacent shop moved out in 1997, Chan Kun Kee expanded across two dai pai dong stalls and has been packed every night. The entire venue can seat several hundred people.

To attract young customers, Mr. Chow also made some improvements to the original dishes. For example, simple corn pieces turned into cheesy corn pieces, instantly enhancing the texture. Or transforming the traditional salt and pepper prawns into flavorful peppercorn prawns, with a hint of pepper fragrance and less spiciness. With such delightful small dishes and the must-have beer in dai pai dong, dining at Chan Kun Kee is undeniably enjoyable and relaxing.

On July 4, 2023, Chan Kun Kee’s first overseas branch officially opened in Rhodes, Sydney, Australia, bringing Hong Kong-style dai pai dong delicacies to overseas Chinese.

Signature Dishes
Golden Tofu: Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, fried to a tempting golden color. With a single bite, the tofu releases a rich aroma and offers an extremely soft texture. Its crispy outer layer complements the velvety tofu inside, making it an irresistible and delightful snack.

Deep-Fried Oyster with Wasabi Sauce: A tantalizing and sweet feast for the taste buds. Fresh oysters are carefully prepared and coated with a flavorful, non-spicy Wasabi crust. With each bite, the mouth explodes with the exciting taste of Wasabi and the sweetness of the seafood, instantly winning the hearts of every diner.

Salt and Pepper Squid: A classic Hong Kong-style appetizer. The squid tentacles are fried to a crispy texture, generously coated with a peppery and salty seasoning, providing a unique and spicy flavor. Each strand of squid tentacle exudes an enticing aroma, making it impossible to resist and keeping you coming back for more.

Fish-Flavored Eggplant in Clay Pot: A classic dish in home-cooked cuisine. The eggplant is fried to a crispy exterior and tender interior, paired with a fish-flavored sauce, offering a rich and flavorful taste experience. With every bite, you can savor the sweetness of the eggplant and the spiciness of the sauce, making it a dish that lingers in your memory.

Crisp Grass Carp Slices & Pickled Mustard Greens served in Golden Broth: A refreshing and tangy choice. The soup has a golden and rich broth with a slightly sour taste of pickled cabbage, perfectly complemented by the crispy and delightful grass carp fish slices. Each spoonful allows you to relish the richness of the soup and the freshness of the fish slices, leaving you wanting more.

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