Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong in Australia

陳根記 Chan Kun Kee


Established in 1982

Chan Kun Kee, a well-established Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong for over 40 years, expanded its reach and opened its first overseas branch on 4 July 2023 in Rhodes, Sydney, Australia, bringing Hong Kong’s hometown delicacies to the overseas immigrants.

Authentic Dai Pai Dong

What triggers nostalgic memories is not just the taste of the dishes but also the atmosphere of the dai pai dong.

Famous Cantonese dishes

Popular dishes include the crispy-on-the-outside and tender-on-the-inside Golden Tofu, the sweet and non-spicy Deep-Fried Oyster with Wasabi Sauce, the classic Hong Kong-style appetizer, Salt and Pepper Squid, the perfect accompaniment to rice, Fish-Flavored Eggplant in Clay Pot, and the golden and rich Crisp Grass Carp Slices & Pickled Mustard Greens served in Golden Broth.


Chan Kun Kee is indeed a representative of Hong Kong’s dai pai dong culture, enjoying high recognition and reputation. Its excellent food quality and unique dai pai dong ambiance attract many locals and tourists to come and savor the experience.

Because of its popularity, even the Hong Kong Tourism Board includes Chan Kun Kee in their introductions. The Hong Kong Tourism Board is dedicated to promoting Hong Kong’s tourist attractions and cultural characteristics, and the dai pai dong culture is one of the distinctive dining cultures in Hong Kong.

These iconic dai pai dongs not only offer delicious Hong Kong-style dishes but also provide visitors with a unique dining experience, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Hong Kong’s local culture. Whether it’s tasting local delicacies or gathering with friends in the bustling atmosphere of a dai pai dong, these experiences become cherished memories for tourists visiting Hong Kong.

Our Menu

Signature Dishes

Shredded Chicken with Wasabi Sauce

Pork Chop with Wasabi Sauce

Stir-Fried Mix with XO sauce

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Golden (Salted Egg Yolk) Tofu

Deep-Fried Oyster with Wasabi Sauce

Beancurd Skin Roll

Signature Soy Sauce Chicken

Sichuan Boiled Pipa Tofu

Salt and Pepper Squid

Pan-Fried Oyster Pancake

Pan-fried Osmanthus Cake

Pepper Medium Shrimp

Clams Tom Yum Soup

Golden Medium Shrimp

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